Are you untimely in protesting your tax assessment and beyond the time limitations prescribed by the Tax Law?

Did you receive your tax assessment by certified mail at your last known address?

Also, did you engage the services of a prior representative that did not receive a copy of your tax notice by certified mail and protest this notice in a timely manner?

Our firm successfully represents and protests tax assessments for taxpayers that may be considered beyond the time limitations prescribed by the Tax Law and may be denied an appeal for their tax assessment because of their untimeliness, which interferes with the jurisdiction conveyed in protesting a tax assessment.

The requirements under Tax Law ยง 1147(a)(1) for the issuance and mailing of a tax assessment are specific. In many cases, it is found that the Division of Taxation fails to follow it own mailing procedures. Accordingly, the taxpayer has rights and their tax assessment and tax notice may be protested so that the merits of the matter can be addressed.

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